Managed Services

ANR’s Oracle and Microsoft certified consultants are among the best in the industry with average experience of more than 10 years. ANR is a trusted provider of remote managed IT Support services. The services we provide are delivered on site, at client location, or remotely, depending on the client’s needs. All remote managed services are performed by highly experienced subject matter experts. ANR specializes in supporting clients with mission-critical application and database system that require high level of performance and reliability.


Managed Services provider usa Who Needs Managed Services?

You may benefit from ANR’s Managed Services

  • If you need a DBA and/or a Developer, but only on an as-needed basis.
  • If you need to supplement your DBA and/or Developer staff duties with remote DBA/Developer during heavy workload or on critical projects.
  • If you want to avoid high overhead costs of personnel – with highly skilled and efficient remote DBA and/or Developer team.
  • If your DBA/ Developer is on vacation and you need temporary DBA/Developer to fill in.


Why Chose ANR’s Managed Services?

With ANR’s Managed Services, you experience

  • Cost Savings: ANR’s remote DBA and Developer team can help reduce overhead costs by supplementing internal staff manage heavy workloads or critical projects requiring specialized skills.
  • Time Savings: Free up time by delegating daily DBA tasks from internal staff to ANR, so staff can be used more wisely to focus on new projects.
  • Reliability: Have DBA and Developer experts available to jump-in during a database emergency or help increase monitoring during peak hours.
  • Reduced Pain: By leveraging our experienced DBA/Developer team’s industry expertise and best practices.


How much does it cost to sign up for ANR’s Managed Services? 


ZERO!!!         No Retainer or Annual Contract Required!!!


The best part about signing up for ANR’s Managed Services is that it costs you nothing.

In addition to the NO Cost Sign Up

  • There are NO annual contracts
  • There is NO monthly retainer fee to worry about
  • You pay as you go with no specific commitment
  • Experts on call 24/7 and ready when you need them


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