Contract Vehicles


In accordance with the requirements of clause H.11 of the Seaport-e Prime Contract, the following information is provided:

Prime Company: ANR Consulting Group, Inc.
Contract Number: N00178-15-D-8077
Zones: Zone 2 – National Capital Zone
Zone 4 – Gulf Coast Zone
Business Ownership: 8(a) – 8(a) Program
SB – Small Business Concerns
SDB – Small Disadvantaged Business Concerns
Functional Areas: ALL (3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12, 3.13, 3.14, 3.15, 3.16, 3.17, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22)
Period Covered by Contract: April 5, 2015 to April 4, 2019
Task Order Awards: None
List of Team Members: Strativia, LLC
List of the last 3 years services experience listed at the SeaPort-e Contractor Information Registration site: None

ANR’s Quality Assurance Program (QAP):

ANR recognizes that maintaining constant two way communication and partnering is essential for a cost-effective quality delivery that maximizes innovation. Partnering with the Seaport-e POCs will also facilitate document reviews and promote on-time project delivery.

ANR has established and proven processes, systems, and procedures at the corporate level, program level, and contract level to ensure that all programs/contracts have the tools available to identify issues early, resulting in risk avoidance and timely mitigation. These include corporate quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) programs, Best Practices and Standard Operating Procedures, Program management plan, Program management reviews and Program/project risk mitigation plans. Each project has a formalized risk mitigation plan detailing risks associated with the project relative to performance of the statement of work (SOW), schedule, cost, resources, and technical feasibility.

To ensure that goals are established based on requirements and desired outcomes rather than setting goals based on past or current levels of performance, ANR will select indicators of performance and measurement criteria that are as objective in nature as possible. The ANR Team will conduct a project kick-off meeting within 5 days post award, in which ANR’s Program Manager will deliver a Quality Control Plan (QCP), including Project Management Plan (PMP), performance and measurement criteria to guide the day-to-day management of the task order and establish the management and technical baselines for the overall effort. These indicators will be selected in collaboration with the Seaport-e POC’s responsible for all aspects of the task order. The Project Manager uses the technical, schedule, cost and performance baselines prepared by the Program Management Team to create specific timetables and/or quotas for the measurement of each indicator identified. Clear and concise direction is provided to the technical team that identifies performance level expectations and how each relates to the overall task order objectives and goals.

The Project Manager and team members participate in periodic in-process reviews (IPR). The periodicities of IPRs are tailored to meet the pace of the task(s) at hand (typically at least every month) or by Seaport-e’s task order requirement. These reviews provide the opportunity to assess the status and the results of ongoing work, as well as to identify issues encountered during work performance. Once identified, a path forward is developed with critical milestones and associated dates. An Improvement Action Plan (IAP) that addresses the procedures to be used to resolve project issues is created and implemented. Follow-on inspections are scheduled whenever required to ensure that all corrections are successfully implemented and no further problems have occurred. Opportunities and corrective actions to maintain overall schedule, reduce cost, and ensure quality technical performance and focus on client satisfaction are developed and implemented, as necessary, during these reviews.
In addition to the IPR, the Project Manager maintains a continuous internal review of financial and overall project status throughout the period of performance. The Project Manager prepares a concise summary of project activity on a monthly basis (or as required by the task order) and forwards a Progress Report that is consistent with the invoice submitted for the same period to Seaport-e’s POC.

Points of Contact:

Anita Gupta – Chief Operating Officer,, 469-396-5946
Dinesh Gupta – President,, 469-450-2504

*****This webpage is developed in accordance with the requirements of clause H.11 of the Seaport-e Prime Contract*****